Hello & Namaste!

Hello & thanks for visiting my dharma tour blog.

I am a traveler, a seeker, and a mindfulness meditation teacher. Professionally, I am a biotech business executive. Whenever I have free time, I travel, take photos, and meditate. Meditation helps me with my awareness. Traveling broadens my horizon and makes me respectful to the different cultures around the world. I try to visit new Buddha-fields or the Dharma-fields and meditate. The dharma-fields are places of merit where we can practice meditation and deepen our love, compassion, and kindness. For me, a Temple, a Shrines, a Church, a Synagogue, a Mosque, or any other tranquil places is a dharma-field. I get immense pleasure and positive vibes at the dharma-field. I call it my MyDharmaTour. The purpose of this blog is to share my travel and meditation experience with you.

I am very fortunate to have a good family, a successful profession, cheerful friends, and healthy life. I have very reasonable expectations in my life, and God has been very kind to fulfill my wishes. While my journey continues, I am working to improve my practice of mindfulness, compassion, and happiness. Thank you for visiting my blog and let’s stay connected.

Yours truly,