Mindful Parenting

Millions of parents like my wife, I, and their children are forced to stay home due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Many data suggest that domestic violence is increasing all over the world. We need to be mindful of parent burnout,… Continue Reading

The flower

It’s a beautiful spring here in San Diego. Air is clean, and the flowers are blooming. Many of us are stuck at home due to Covid-19 Pandemic. I often go to my garden and take photos of the flower. The… Continue Reading


True human, at the birth No animosity, No lust No color, nor the creed No resentment, nor the greed Grows the desire with an age Thirst for more, seeds the rage Illness, age, and the death No escape from the last breath

Bodhi Hill Buddhist Center

CHUA VIEN QUANG Buddhist Temple, the Bodhi Hill Buddhist Center,  San Marcos, CA.  I have visited and meditated at this temple several times. This temple led by Thich Tin Man, a Buddhist monk, originally from Vietnam. The monk, nuns, and everyone… Continue Reading

Hello & Namaste!

Hello & Namaste! Hello & thanks for visiting my dharma tour blog. I am a traveler and a seeker. Whenever I have free time, I travel, take photos, and meditate. Meditation helps me with my awareness. Traveling broadens my horizon… Continue Reading